Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a crucial asset in a world dedicated to constant innovation. We provide strategic advice in IP law by identifying, protecting, and exploiting intellectual property rights to ensure your business is at the forefront of growth and innovation.

We understand precisely how important intellectual property is in unlocking the value that accrues to businesses in a variety of contexts. We take immense pride in helping our clients secure the value of their intellectual property, protect their investments and maintain their competitive edge. 

In a world where innovation is constant and highly valued, we understand all too well that IP is a crucial differentiator in the present business environment. With the rapid change we see taking place in almost every industry, changes in the IP landscape need to be closely followed to understand the latest requirements and protections. In doing so, businesses can ensure that their IP assets benefit from these developments and that their innovation and leadership is safeguarded.

Our team helps ensure that your innovations drive growth, revenue and exclusivity by assisting in every stage of the intellectual property lifecycle. Our IP lawyers have extensive experience in this area of the law, combining commercial nous with the required technical excellence to ensure you can succeed in your sector.

Our IP practice partners with a diverse range of innovative organisations from a range of industries across consumer goods, financial services, not-for-profits and more. Whatever the industry context, we partner closely with clients’ management to ensure their IP interests are protected and — where matters get contentious — help secure favourable outcomes that are commercially-informed but pragmatically achieved.

How LawBridge can help

Extending your ownership of designs and patents, resolving ownership disputes and enforcing licensing and assignment agreements

Helping you better understand your rights and protect any unlawful infringement upon your creations

Conducting trademark searches, completing trademark registrations domestically and internationally and overcoming registration objections and oppositions

Providing legal advice on distribution agreements, software maintenance and support agreements

Enforcing intellectual property rights and resolving disputes

Assisting with the necessary registrations, allowing you to effectively use your own unique brandmark to distinguish yourself from other traders