Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes can be expensive and stressful. Timely legal advice can mean the difference between a protracted court case and an early pragmatic resolution that lets you get back to business

We help you navigate potential risks with proactive advice that identifies your vulnerabilities at the outset. Our professionally drafted agreements and advice on best practice norms can help you minimise the risk that there will be a dispute.

Unfortunately, sometimes another party may raise a dispute despite your efforts. When this occurs, early action is critical to prevent the dispute from escalating. We will explore every possible outcome so that we can give you a clear-eyed view of your possible paths to resolution.

Our advice is tailored to the unique needs of your business and your long term commercial goals. We weigh up time and cost considerations alongside the impact of the dispute to your reputation and business relationships.

Where possible, we seek to help you resolve issues through alternative dispute resolution methods. This might involve mediation, arbitration or expert determination. Most disputes can be resolved without going to trial. This frees up your leadership to concentrate on your core business.

If the dispute cannot be resolved, we will fight fearlessly on your behalf for a successful outcome in court.

How LawBridge can help

LawBridge’s Commercial Litigation team have vast experience in commercial disputes and can advise you on a wide range of matters. These include:

Representing clients in complex commercial disputes including cross-jurisdictional and cross-border claims

Offering advice on competition and consumer law so that you can understand and enforce your rights and obligations

Enforcing contract performance or a breach by the other party and advising you on how and when to terminate a contract. If the other party is claiming that you have breached a contract, we will defend the claim on your behalf and help to find a commercial solution

Making or responding to claims of false, misleading or deceptive conduct, including passing-off claims. Such claims commonly arise alongside a breach of contract claim. We will consider the wider context of the dispute to help you find a single pragmatic solution.

Manage corporate disputes including governance and regulatory issues

Offering advice on banking and finance disputes including financial regulation and compliance both nationally and in cross-jurisdictional transactions

Negotiating with insurers on your behalf if there is a dispute about an insurance claim. We’ll help you gather evidence to support your case and advocate for your interests in a negotiated settlement.

Enforcing and defending your property rights, including physical property such as rights of access as well as intellectual property claims

Managing disputes between franchisees and franchisors

Helping to resolve partnership disputes which arise through the under performance of a partner, a conflict of interest or personality clash

Defending you against claims of professional negligence in the course of your business, or helping you to make a claim against someone else

Helping directors and/or shareholders in business disputes. We will seek to resolve the dispute or, as a last resort, help you negotiate a separation of interests.

Representing you in trust disputes to ensure that your rights under the trust are enforced

Representing landlords and tenants in commercial and residential lease disputes