Mohamad Kammoun

Founding Partner, Solicitor & Mediator

“The law for me is not “Work”; it is a passion, a lifelong experience of learning, growth and discovery. My outcomes for the clients are shaped by my diversity of experience and my rigorous approach to finding new and practical solutions.

I take the time to understand my clients’ needs and provide tailored legal advice in a friendly and straightforward way.”

Mohamad Kammoun is a Founding Partner at LawBridge: a practising solicitor with expertise in corporate & commercial, not-for-profit and family law, as well as a market-leading advisor in Islamic finance and Islamic family law.

For the last decade, Mohamad has been the CEO of a prominent charitable organisation, making him one of the most sought-after consultants in the not-for-profit sector and regarding ACNC compliance specifically. He has supported not-for-profit clients for more than four years in areas, including with local and overseas operations, places of worship, sporting clubs, aged care providers, foundations and educational organisations.

Mohamad also specialises in corporate and business structures, providing legal advice for entrepreneurs and business owners establishing business structures, partnerships, trusts and corporations. He also covers all areas of family law, civil and Islamic divorce, children’s custody issues and living arrangements, spouse maintenance and property settlements. He is known for his profound negotiation skills and ability to finalise matters while avoiding long and expensive court processes.

Prior to his admission as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Mohamad practised for over a decade in the area of family mediation and reconciliation. Mohamad brings an unparalleled diversity of experience and wisdom to his legal practice, mixing excellent technical knowledge with a pragmatism that is difficult to find. He is a skilled negotiator and strategist, carving approaches that leave no room for chance or luck and are rigorous in planning and execution.

Mohamad was recently appointed to the Australian Fatwa Council as a Legal Advisor, providing its members advice on a range of juridical matters as a legal expert.

Professional Qualifications

  • Masters of Judicature and Political Theories
  • Juris Doctor specialising in Corporate and Commercial Law
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

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