Insolvency & Debt Recovery

Running a business carries certain risks. You may be owed money or face an insolvency challenge. These risks may also impact your personal wealth. We will help you mitigate these risks by providing expert advice on the best strategy to resolve insolvency and debt recovery issues.    

Our timely expert advice can help you develop a the most appropriate course of action. You may be able to refinance, arrange payment plans with the ATO or other creditors, or restructure your business. Our pragmatic advice will help you to achieve a commercial and cost effective solution to your challenge.

Our insolvency practice spans corporate and personal insolvency, creditor claims, security enforcement, sale of assets, directors’ duties and all forms of external administration.

If a debtor owes you money, we will employ informal and formal debt recovery processes to achieve a cost effective commercial outcome for you.

We provide services to insolvency practitioners, companies, institutions and private individuals in relation to insolvency related issues and debt recovery.  

How LawBridge can help

Helping you to restructure or refinance your affairs to give your business the best chance of survival

Offering pre insolvency advice to directors so that they understand their obligations to avoid insolvent trading

Negotiating and advising on deeds of company arrangement (DOCAs)

Advising you on all forms of external administration including voluntary administration, receivership, liquidation, and bankruptcy so that you can act to protect your interests and those of your clients

Advising creditors, shareholders and directors on their rights and obligations once a company enters liquidation

Assisting businesses to protect their property interests by registering them on the personal property security register (PPSR)

Helping creditors and liquidators of a company to understand the limits and purpose of the public examination power

Advising on and drafting a personal insolvency agreement (PIA) to help you manage your debts without entering bankruptcy proceedings

Managing the debt recovery process for clients who are owed money, both through informal negotiation with debtors and by instituting formal debt recovery proceedings

Providing legal guidance and support for administrators, liquidators, receivers, and trustees of companies who have entered winding-up proceedings