Islamic Finance

The Islamic Finance industry is now valued at more than $250 billion globally. As this sector expands rapidly, businesses need to understand the frameworks underpinning it in order to ensure they tap its potential. Our team is an Australian leader in Islamic Finance law, bringing an unrivalled holistic understanding of Sharia-compliant finance to the Australian market by combining a deep understanding of both Australian and Islamic law.

The structures and concepts that underpin modern Islamic finance are unique and often complex, combining as they do multiple legal traditions. Our team leverages its significant experience in both Australian and Islamic law to help clients understand and structure a range of transactions to fit within the requirements of Australian tax, securities, and finance laws while satisfying the unique requirements of Sharia-compliant financing arrangements.

We work on a diverse range of asset and structured finance transactions and are proud to have assisted Australian firms in structuring and providing novel, market-leading Islamic finance products for both retail and corporate clientele.

We help our clients understand the requirements of Australian regulations on them as they look to bring Sharia-compliant finance options to the market in an industry that is seeing significant and rapid innovation. By providing sophisticated solutions to the nascent Islamic finance industry in Australia, we are fast becoming recognised as one of the legal industry’s premier Islamic law advisers.

Our multi-disciplinary team combines brilliant lawyers and formally trained Islamic scholars, bringing together a unique holistic understanding of Islamic finance’s religious and legal frameworks to advise clients on how best to structure their transactions.

How LawBridge can help

Devising and delivering financing solutions for investors, issuers and borrowers following the principles and values of Islamic law as well as Australian regulations

Structuring complex and innovative Islamic finance transactions

Experience in all Islamic finance contracts: bai salaam, ijara, istisna’a, mudarabah, murabahah and musharakah

Supporting initiatives to assist in the development of Sharia-compliant funding tools in Australia