Employment Law

As an employer, it can be difficult to navigate the complex maze of legal and industrial obligations which govern the workplace. Our expert advice covers every aspect, from hiring to termination, leave entitlements to workers’ compensation, Fair Work investigations to restraint of trade.

By taking a proactive approach, we have helped numerous employers develop a stronger workplace culture and employer/employee relationship. By drafting watertight agreements and providing advice on employment awards at the outset, we can minimise the chances that you’ll encounter problems further down the track. If you have existing contracts, including independent contractor agreements, we will review them and advise you if they need any changes.

We also have extensive experience helping employees address issues in the workplace. We understand the position of both employee and employer, giving us deep insight that allows us to negotiate effectively on your behalf.

Whether you are bringing or defending an allegation of discrimination, workplace bullying or harassment, we offer strategic advice to help you navigate this tricky area, including investigating the allegation and providing possible pathways to resolution.

If you are bringing or responding to a claim for unfair dismissal, worker’s compensation, or a workplace safety prosecution, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. We will guide you through the management of the claim and explain the process, so you have support. If necessary, we can represent you in a negotiated settlement to help you achieve a pragmatic and commercial outcome.

Should the matter proceed, our skilled litigation team will be your tireless advocates in front of the Fair Work Commission, or the Federal Courts.

Our expert assistance includes

Advising employees and employers on a proposed redundancy, workers compensation or employment law claim including restraint of trade, unfair dismissal, adverse action, discrimination, bullying or harassment

Representing employees and employers in employment disputes, including informal and formal dispute resolution processes or before the Fair Work Commission or Federal Court

Advising employees and employers on their rights and obligations across a wide range of employment issues that arise for business owners and companies, including termination, performance management, workers’ compensation claims, workplace health and safety, employment agreements and awards

We also help employers by

Reviewing, drafting and advising on employment contracts, including restraint of trade clauses and independent contractor agreements to help you avoid claims of ‘sham’ contractor arrangements

Providing up-to-date advice on the law around employment awards, contracts and enterprise agreements to ensure that you comply with your legal obligations

Developing and helping you to implement workplace policies and procedures

Representing you in workplace investigations to ensure a fair process and negotiate on your behalf to represent your interests in a dispute