Criminal Law

If you’ve been charged by the police, you need clear-sighted legal advice from experienced lawyers. You may face substantial penalties if the charges against you are proven, including fines, criminal convictions and possible imprisonment. It is crucial that you understand your rights and the options available so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Our experienced team will help you weigh up whether to plead guilty or not guilty based on the strength of any defence you might have, the evidence against you and the possible discounts for a guilty plea.

If the matter proceeds to trial, we will work with you to build the best defence possible and develop a case strategy.

Our experienced criminal law team have advised clients on a range of criminal law matters in the Local, District and Supreme Court. We have previously undertaken prosecutorial work as well as defence. This gives us a unique insight into how the prosecution is likely to approach their case, which informs our strategic advice.

How LawBridge can help

Advising you on the possible criminal and civil penalties arising from a charge of assault, including any additional penalties that apply for aggravated or specific assault charges

Defending you against drug offence charges including charges for drug possession, drug cultivation, drug importation/exportation and drug manufacture

Responding to an application for an apprehended violence order (AVO) against you. If you choose not to consent, we will help prepare your statement and represent you at any hearings.Where the AVO application occurs in the context of a family law case we will help you develop a strategy to achieve your overall goals.

Advising you on how to respond to a charge of fraud or tax evasion, either to present evidence in your defence or to replace a serious charge of tax fraud with a lesser offence of obtaining financial advantage

Representing you in drink driving offences, including exploring any possible defenses you may have

Appear on your behalf at bail applications and show cause as to why you should be granted bail

Helping you establish a strategy and defense if you have been charged with theft or robbery including aggravated robbery

Advising you on any notices you have received telling you that you have committed a traffic offence, including the possible penalties and appeal options