Migration Services

LawBridge Migration offers exceptional immigration assistance and deals with all visa and citizenship related matters on your behalf.

We represent you in your immigration affairs and provide simple instructions for you to follow to ensure that your application is prepared and lodged promptly and securely. We maintain a high level of confidentiality and guarantee that your application is our utmost priority.

We always tailor our advice to your specific circumstances. Our prices are proudly competitive and always reasonable, and we confirm that you are satisfied with all our work and services before making submissions.

At LawBridge, we take immense pride in helping clients, their associates and family members secure the migration type they desire, making the system easier to navigate and the process as smooth as possible. We understand how challenging it can be to navigate the web of documentationevidentiary requirements and attention to detail needed to successfully secure migration to Australia for oneself or a loved one.

Migration law is complex, and constantly changing. We understand that the system can be challenging to navigate, attempting to self-lodge an application has proven to cause complications for many. It can be stressful to work through, especially when stakes are high for individuals and families.

We are all too aware that experienced and dedicated lawyers and agents are difficult to come by. That’s why we take immense pride in what we do, and the way we show up for our clients.

At Lawbridge Migration, we offer exceptional migration services delivered by experienced specialists who are passionate about helping people achieve their migration goals.

Our services cover all major migration types, from student and spousal visas to study and business visas and other major categories. We cover the these respective processes from start to finish, assisting clients from the initial preparation and lodgement of a visa application through to any appeals to the Tribunal and all the way to Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

How LawBridge can help

A team of registered migration agents and lawyers with extensive experience

Covering all major visa types, including Employer, Skilled, Business, Family, Study, Bridging visas and more

Helping clients avoid common mistakes made in application processes

Ensuring all documents and evidentiary requirements are met

Helping clients navigate the entire life-cycle of the application process

Navigating Tribunal appeals and appeals to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

Guiding you through the complexities of migration and education systems at each step where relevant

Ensuring educational qualifications and work experience are recognised

Ensuring partner visa applications have sufficient relationship evidence provided

Ensuring Business / Investment visa applications have relevant financial and operational details provided

Jihad Bawadi

Migration Practice lead and registered migration agent

Jihad is a trusted and reputable Registered Migration Agent, embodying professionalism, experience, and a deep passion for her work.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in immigration matters, she navigates the complexities of the migration process with ease and precision.

Her dedication to helping people achieve their immigration goals shines through in every interaction, as she guides her clients with care and integrity.

Jihad’s commitment to staying updated with the latest regulations ensures that she provides accurate and reliable advice tailored to each unique situation.

Her genuine enthusiasm for assisting others on their journey to a new life is evident in her unwavering dedication to excellence in her profession.

MARN: 2318 333