Family Law

A relationship breakdown can be stressful and complex. Our pragmatic and compassionate approach seeks to support you through this difficult time.

If your marriage or de facto relationship is ending, there are several things you need to consider. These include the division of assets, any ongoing support paid by one partner to the other, and arrangements in relation to any children of the relationship.

In many cases, you can come to an informal agreement about these matters. However, it’s important that you get specialised legal advice so that your rights and entitlements are protected.

At times, one party to a relationship is not aware of all the assets or income held by the other. We will undertake a forensic examination of the marital asset pool, including superannuation entitlements, and assess the financial and non-financial contributions of each party. This comprehensive approach helps defend your interests and ensure that you receive whatever you are rightfully entitled to.

If there are children of the relationship, any arrangements must put their interests first. Our advice looks beyond the black letter of the law to the unique needs and goals of both the parents and children in a dispute. We are skilled at finding a solution that allows both parties to move forward while sustaining a long-term co-parenting relationship, keeping the best interests of the children at the forefront.

Where possible, we will adopt alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation and negotiation tactics to find a cost-effective resolution to your dispute. If you are unable to come to an agreement, our experienced team will advocate for you in court to ensure that your rights are protected and upheld.

If there was a prenuptial agreement in place, we will advise you on whether it is likely to apply and how it may impact on your case.

How LawBridge can help

Drafting or offering advice on a binding financial agreement that covers the division of assets, including superannuation entitlements, and any ongoing financial support

Applying to the court for consent orders that set out the agreed division of property and/or shared parenting arrangements

Identifying and valuing the assets and liabilities of each party, their contributions to the asset pool and their future needs, in order to ensure a fair and just property division is sought. We will also advise on the fairness of any proposal put to you by the other party before you sign any documents by providing you with independent legal advice

Supporting you through the process of divorce or separation, including offering advice on your rights in relation to property division and child custody arrangements

Assisting you with your Islamic divorce in a way which also conforms to the Australian family law system

Implementing parenting arrangements that take into account the needs of the children including where they live, where they go to school, and how their cultural, religious and language needs are addressed

Negotiating a parenting agreement or offering advice on a proposed agreement by the other party

Providing informal mediation services and/or the Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) process to explore outcomes to a family law dispute, including those which involve extended family members and child protection issues