Mediation is no longer simply just an “option” alongside litigation. Several jurisdictions require lawyers to consider and — where appropriate — recommend mediation to give their clients the full suite of legal options and protections. Specifically trained dispute resolution and mediation professionals add considerable value to any contentious scenario in a range of contexts: from commercial to family law and other matters in between.

We work with our clients to identify appropriate mediation options in a wide variety of contexts. We work closely to harness those options that have the highest prospects of success, focusing on achieving optimal outcomes for our clients, whatever the context may be.

We are adept at a range of Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, beginning with informal settlement conferences and all the way to more formal arbitration and mediation processes.  

These ADR approaches are very often faster and more expedient alternatives to litigation, be it in personal or commercial law scenarios. In particular, arbitration and mediation help produce efficient and effective outcomes, especially where mediators and arbitrators may be empowered to make enforceable decisions and be given the power to award costs.

We assist our clients most directly through our talented team of accredited mediators, helping them avoid litigation’s stress and financial burden. In both commercial and personal disputes, our mediators are highly experienced at helping achieve outstanding results. Given the importance of neutrality in ADR contexts, our mediation team is independent of our firm.

In the family law context, we offer an environment where parents, families and other parties are made to feel as comfortable as possible in often difficult circumstances. In addition to helping people resolve post-separation parenting arrangements, we offer assistance to help people resolve other forms of family conflict.

We also understand that separation can be very stressful when it comes to the distribution of property and offer guidance and help you to navigate through these challenging times.

How LawBridge can help

A team of specialist mediators with extensive experience

Increasing the overall control clients have over the resolution of a dispute by assessing resolution opportunities outside court 

Working with clients to initiate mediation where identified as an option

Providing pragmatic advice on options and negotiating strategies

Providing flexibility and autonomy by allowing any party to withdraw at any time

Advising on mediation processes and options in relation to family law matters, including parenting plans, child access agreements and S60(i) certificates

Providing mediation services in relation to property distribution

Delivering faster outcomes through processes defined by fairness and respect

Provision of mediation services in the context of family, elder and sibling disputes